Between your Soul

Being part of a physical world with a physical future, love has a consequent basis. The love can’t have an spiritual or chimeric basis because what we call soul and spirit have a material fundament: the body and its processes ruled by pleasure. As rational individuals, the real point is to choose the best pleasures, not only quantitatively or by its intensity but qualitatively, the long term ones or those that leaves the best development for us. Think the previous carefully and you’ll see how the naturales selection acts. In fact, you are the result of that selection under the free will form.


This way, the world is ruled by sex and money, thinking otherwise means to give your pleasures to the others. I still do not know a person or couple that feed of air or makes the love growth over the sands of pure desire. The rule is simple: some one gave and someone takes. Which one are you? Are you a person who loose respect, love, friends? In consequence, are you a lonely soul (spirit) or do you have a bounty of pleasures for choosing? Even that people whom “takes” must to make a fine decisions to preserve the prosperity.

Without pleasure, love withers and dies. With pleasure, love grows and blooms. That’s the reason why all the ways I choose to speak about the spirit have a material basis, reflected in material and sometimes crude metaphors: After orgasm, I am a corpse lying under the water, that wet body of yours. Your screams have past away but my penis still stands inside, digging for more. My hands still hold your butt. I need an intense cum, because there’s plenty more on me. Do you feel how i’m growing? How’s hot I am? Open baby, an let me be your arrowhead. Offer me the milk of pleasure from your body and let my entire life feeds your deep river. Let’s lay united into a same and deep scream of pleasure.


And for choosing, the highest pleasure is not to have a goddess body but a soul unchain, begging for more, cum after cum ’till the end of the night. The true lovers are also partners. Both are reciprocally victims and offenders. The true lovers try to drains the other one’s blood to make it develop as the life it is. For a true lover, the partner life is a mutual feeding that demands purity. An strong body and an affirmative mind offers strength, happiness and back up. To have sex with illness bodies just for necessity, reflects a hungry daze that leads into an abyss. You need to be strong enough to be also hunter an prey: Chase over me, oh my hunter, don’t let me escape without your body through the sheets. Make me your prey and let me feel your knife, cutting between my legs. Chase me, my hunter and let this burning flesh be your forest preserve. Bite, eat, suck and lies on this wide land of desire. My body is full of memories that fill the nights of you, inside me. I’m a candle whose flame burns for your eternal fire.

The only eternity is a voice that repeats your name. Have you sculpted a body with remembers? Have you been an inmortal pleasure, strong enough to posess a body for the rest of its life or you are only a piny and shameful memory that is better to forget? Entering into your body. Looking to your soul. Stealing your screams and desiring to cum for living and growth into your flesh. Truly I say to you: “this night we’ll be enjoying together in the realm of my father”. Taste my blood. Feed form my flesh and live forever.



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