Origins: moral

By conservative parents I learned that sexuality implies fullness. That means: an open mind, an open arms, an open hands, an open legs and of course, an open heart. All the previous could sounds common and even vulgar but it is not a joke, an open mind is needed to see the body as an pleasure oasis instead of an instrument to procreate; an open arms are needed to receive the hiding pleasures of that body, of that being, and to make it yours, in the same way that you protect it; an open hands are needed to touch and caress the other people’s body instead of merely hitting and torture it. This basis, by nature, is given to woman more than man, which it becomes evident in the penultimate point, in the copula, where the female opens her body to receive the male.

For man, the sexuality consist in possession and penetration. The heterosexual male does not know anything about to be penetrated or better said, about giving his own body to another being. But this apparently simple act, requires trust for a genuine intimacy. The consequences of this predominance male point of view becomes more than evident in the present male western culture. On the other hand, for the erotic witchcraft and black arts, the woman sacredness forces us to receive her in an appropriate way. We must to learn from woman and find in her secrets a common ecstasy. The female body is a shelter in which we enter to reach together a realm of fullness.



There’s no magic without that principle so, when the woman open her legs to be penetrated by man, it is necessary for man to prepare his own body to be taken by her. Both must to stay synchronized to reach the climax and even more, if the act has some ritual purpose. In sex, no matter its rawness or violence, there’s no perversion. It is the common eye which see the sexual relations with a morbid eye. The repression generated by false believes produces that kind of sight and a bunch collateral conducts mainly destructive. Repression produces a powerful but destructive and useless amount of vital energy that causes an explosion of real perversion.

A circle of sexual freedom that learns about the body, its powers and true potential for pleasure and creation, forges an authentic community from the basis of the couple, of the copula. Just for this first moment, the rule to explore in future posts: perversion is a reflexion.

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