Rain Day

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What do i see in the rain? Your own humidity falling by the crotch. That’s why i cannot resist to get out and get soaked. That intense feeling fulls my body in magic. No better time to find another lover, because i need it for the art. At the end, there are no exclusive body in which the erotic flame burns.

It is time to prepare the instruments: the pentacle, the knifes, the chains, the ties and jaws; also the venetian masks and the latex ones. The candles lies on each vertex, the curtains are down and everything is ready for the new copula.

If you have some prospectus for the erotic witchcraft initiation and he or she is akin to rain, it is the propper time to call it. Just remember: that body must to empower your desires. If you don’t have that one, the option is to go out and look for a new prospectus. In any case, there are some practices you can to celebrate alone; even some magic, but the powerest ritual needs two bodies at least.

Fortunately almost always i find that body for copula. I have my own places to visit and where there’s that people whom looked me before. These people loves to find a new place to fuck with someone they know and want…, as me. And there are plenty more than ask me if they can to fill this pages with their own histories becoming “ours”. Sure that i need them today and they need me too.

I want to penetrate a new wet cavern tonight. It is time for ritual.

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