Tartarus Uterus

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The true temptation lies between the legs, into the deep of your thighs. It is my pleasure, apple of sin, fruit forbidden by God. That’s why I like the sounds you make when i’m inside of you. All your moans are irresistible voices calling me to make me a sinner.


I want to take into my hands the sweetest fruit of your vagina; so luscious, so warm, so wet, that it calms my thirst and my hungry. You evil goddess, let me sin with your flesh and burn onto the hungry flame that lies inside you.

I wanna feed me with your pubis and calm my thirst on you, softly, sipping thy infernal secrets; gentle oasis of luxury taste, in the middle of nowhere, while your sulfides reach my throat, i hope my tongue penetrates for your abyss, but just my penis can reach it.



Suck, yeah! You sucks my entire mouth with that pelvis moves. Smash my head while my hands cling to your knees, your thighs and legs. Oh, how sweet is your pearl, oyster lost beyond the pubic nest. I want to devour it, so let me open your buttocks to brake them. Tartarus, uterus is where i found the unspeakable pleasures of lust; on you…, full body of sin.

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