Bar Out: nights one and two.

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He dropped his arms to feel her buttocks squeezing hard, no matter the blind eyes that crossing around the street, invade their tinny shelter. The bar was just a few steps behind, too far for smoking but just enough to fuck behind a newspaper stand. The stranger eyes turned into wind, while his penis acquired a stone consistency, sculpted by a pussy in flames that burned him with its hip blows.


His knife was ready for penetrate her, but not only the clothes, but a whole world drove them away. However, that border would not resist.

–Fuck me –she begged, while he drank the tablespoons of saliva poured by her into his mouth; a fresh mix of whisky and desire; an intense and sweat drunkenness–. Here, yes, yes! –she said and the man screamed for pain when, with a single impulse, she lowered her lycra pants and thong almost to the knee.

–Oh God, you are so wet –he said, hiding her from the nocturnal eyes behind his strong and well sculpted body.

All the urban voices and sounds seemed to disappear trough that wide and alethic backs but then, she involved his cock to take it between her buttocks, turning with a seductive movement.

–The ass, in the ass… Oh God, to my ass –she whispered with an anxious and silky voice, suddenly interrupted by a rising scream.

The huge serpent penetrated her body’s cave, it was just the headtip and little more, but just enough to made her fel into a horny sweet of pain. However she asked for more with a shredded voice. Then he penetrate her for full, coming together in a final, heartbreaking cry that stamped their silhouettes against the newspaper stand.

–Are you a demon, right? –she asked just when she felt that his enormous member does not becoming flaccid.

Then the fingers became two febrile fists of burning sand and she flow down, turned into an ocean of tears, saliva and a stormy cry, almost interrupted by the lightning and thunder. She moaned with a shriek that made him go crazy.

–Like it, ah? You Like it? Like it? –he asked deeply excited.

–Mhm, mhm, mhm –she mumbled in response– Yeah baby…, mhm…, oh, yeah!.

At the end, the voices fell into a hiss but the hammer of man fell without mercy to nail the woman against the wall, turning her into a brilliant water stream; a mixture of semen and passion. Both bodies melted in a single tide of orgasm guarded by streets.

Now, the time has passed away but not the memories that tied them both.


–Baby, my ass still hurts when i hear a claxon –she said in the bed after the sex and instantaneously his cock responses to her with a renewal erection, forcing him to surround her with his arms and pull your thighs with a fist.

–Let’s fuck again –he said.

–Sure, but tell me, will be my ass…, or yours?”

–Do you want that?

–Do you?

–Yeah baby –he said before suck her nipples.


Then her right hand descended to look for the toy hided below the bed. Meantime, he sucked and licked her breasts, enchanted by its honeys. When the harness with dildo was ready and tied to her waist, he put on bed over his knees

–I’m ready.

–Fine –the voice sounded as a fresh river of sin–, I adore you, honey. I adore to be your man as much as your woman.

And that was the time of my own torrent of pleasure.

Make a Donation


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