My Vampire

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I love meeting you in bed like last night, sitting on the edge, wearing that corset and black embroidered suspender which accentuates the sensuality of your figure; smoke tights that flood your thighs and a milk skin that rushes to the depths of the spring of your body, through the voluptuous curves of your breasts. Bare shoulders and neck invite me to kiss you, but I resist. I prefer to admire you, to engrave you in memory and to reach you with two glasses of red wine. Let us decide together what we will do tonight and if we are to bring others.

As a sign of approval, your sharp fangs make creak the glass of the cup. I almost thought you would break it, but you just laughed, looking at me with those deep eyes. My vampire, do you want some tender young girls tonight? Do you want to bleed them? To torture them? Or do you prefer to surprise some inexperienced boys mean they go crazy for penetrating me? Will you let them do it? You want it? And if so, will you wait until i reach orgasm and then assault them in the back?

Last night I thought you would have killed your victim, but she withdrew in the morning with her eyes lost, as if in a trance, still clutching her bruised wrists, trying to straighten her messy hair and hiding her flowing make-up. She was dead inside, but her body still trembled with pleasure. Between her legs, the dry blood produced by dilation of her vagina still smelled. I still remember her, with legs and arms opened, chained, but with an enthusiasm that made her devour you with each kiss. She envolved your chin with her mouth and made her tongue wandered madly across your face so then put it in your mouth letting you sucked intensely. She only managed to moan as I inserted the pear and continued to moan and scream as I opened it, turning the mechanism. I can not believe the way he enjoyed it; she asked for more, hypnotized by your spell.

Tell me, are you hungry? Are you bored? Or you’d rather rest tonight and go to the theater, or to the opera, hiding your outfit under fine furs. What do you want, vampire? What do you wish? Have another glass of wine and remember that other that asked for more pain, while I enjoyed her and you drained her open neck. You know, she talked to me this morning and just told me that she wants you, that she’s crazy about you. What is that spell that makes you suppress the will of your victims? I still have to deal with those young men you’ve turned into men.

Let’s go upstairs for now and lets admire the night in the penthouse, just as I admire your body. Lets the horizon offers us your gifts. You’re right, we’ve fed well. Let’s go to that nightclub better to have sex in any of the rooms. I want to feel the DJ’s mixes, the lights, the CO2 vapors and the surrounding crowd that oppresses us more and more. The last time, I penetrated you against the wall while the crowd sheltered us and the few who realized, wanted to join. In the end, we had an orgy night that ended two days later in a hotel room. In the end as always, we were alone. No one noticed the absence of the others.

“I want to use the foal and stretch you. I want you to get an erection like the other day. I want to dig my nails into your chest as I ride you and end up eating from your neck”.

“So be it, my vampire,” I said, and offered him my hand. She accepted it and together we descended to the basement of the house, where we were received by our toys and, in the middle of everything, the foal.

I finished the wine, left the glass on a shelf to remove my clothes and lay down. She poured herself some more wine, then secured my ties. The crank began to spin. My muscles ached. My joints burned, then she poured her drink over my skin and started to lick me.

I could only close my eyes and resist. One more turn and then another, my limbs jumped, but I had an erection like no other. She began to drink from me, then climbed up and put me inside her. I could not describe the delight of his swings, nor his cries. They were deep, deep, an exciting and melodious hollow. I said her name once, but she did not seem to notice. She was the very madness incarnate, dressed in a black lace corset and a garter belt that accentuated the sensuality of her body.

…, my vamp.

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