The Dance of the Serpent

When the sun falls down and the stars that illuminates the night are born, another livingform awakes. The shadows are released from its respective bodies to go all over the streets and transform them. Each one, desires and repressed impulses, chained, memories that everyone want to forget.

At being stop the diurnal machine noise of reason, takes its place the flesh and the blood. The nature breaths an unusual air, causing that the ephemeral ones take shelter under its neon lights. There’s hunger, skin, teeth and nails lighted. The spiders webs shine with such splendor that  houses holes begins to expel a white mist.

All things exudate shadows into phantoms turned and meanwhile, i can see the iridiscent black copula of darkness and night. This last one, with its rounded and firm thighs. No matter who is the man and who is the woman. All roles are upset there, into the bonfire of the black sun, a forging that melts the ties and just the witches, warlocks and shamans recognize. The time has come for the serpent’s dance, whose weft release erotic poetry and violent intercourses.

Once night opened its legs, darkness finishes penetrating it all. A honey and milk path is poured out through the sky. Tell me, dear: who will oppress your breasts tonight? Whose black fingers are those? Who will breathe the silver spirit from your lips? Let the shadows posses you, succubus and incubus, ‘till there is nothing left of you, of your ties, of your moorings; ’till you don’t want to awake. Let the most intimate secreats of lust possess your body, tearing it to die all day and reborn into the night.

Man, become a woman and disclose everything that was forbiden to you. Woman, become a man and discover the delight of penetrating, knowing what mean to be penetrated. Look up to, the dance of the serpent, that ascendent and descendet path which rises ’till full moon’s apple; fruit of ethereal eyes and silver flesh, barely coverd by a silky mist hoarfrost.

Howling is the sign of an extasis that puts away the clouds and give off her breasts, her thighs, her vagina, but also his penis and buttocks. Its entire body fall upon the earth. It is the black sun bonfire which leaves behind, as a wake of orgasm, a delicate hissing.


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