Porcelain Doll

Porcelain doll, chained to my bed, tied, subdued and yet you control me. You are the limit of my desires; its consummation. I fear the darkness that invades me after penetrating you and, at the same time, it is my desire. Actually, I am the one who is tied to the bed of your body. You take me with your mouth. You press me with your legs of madness. You raise my member, just to descend over and submit me, fallen angel, with those bursts of fire coming from your waist. I can not touch you, I can not see you, I can not kiss you. I can only feel my firmness within you, ascendant. May the rain of time stop, fallen angel, and its seconds does not be spill anymore. Let your lips dilate in an eternity and let death be mutual orgasm.

Tell me dear, why are you staring at me so hard now. Here, at the foot of this brass bed that together we made tremble. You look like a sphinx that I can not descifer. Every portion of your body is a land of exuberant enigmas and mysteries; fantasies that increase as you approach with your feline swinging; hungry again. Everything happens while i wait gagged and with the hands tied behind my back.

I see those dilated-lipped eyes approach, toward my penis, which immediately seems to attend to your questions. I can not but lean against the wall and offer you its answer. You no longer look for it in my neck, nor in my mouth, nor mounted on me. You prefer to take it straight to your throat, meantime I receive the silk from your saliva and my heart beats in a key of incomprehensible signs, which I can only expell screaming.

After a night in which three coitus of intense orgasms were consumed, I could not answer your questions. I could not decipher your mystery. That is why I remain here, imprisoned, almost naked, although free of my bonds. I could flee, but I just wish that time would slip like our passionate tongues, so that you could chain me again; so that you can interrogate me, one more time.

I want to ride you, Sphinx. I want you to fly over me, fallen angel. I want the depth of your mouth, my porcelain doll.




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