Erotic Feminity

With our last post (also available in spanish), may be that many of you to conceive easier what we mean with a new feminity and a different masculinity. The truth is that the present monotheistic world have constructed a male functional automatons society, for which to, the woman has transited from to be an object of sin to an object of pleasure; from an object to conceive and take care of the house to a sexual doll. It is true that women have reached a new status and rights, but only in the measure that participates of the rules imposed by men. Could have we reach another kind of world with another kind of rules?

The topic is complex and goes beyond the simple antagonism male and female, black and white, good and evil. If we here, in the Dark Circle, defend the dark side of the moon is because this world has forgotten of it; for similar reasons we use the word satanism to represent our paganism as we explained in another post. But in the bottom, the moon is both, dark and bright. The cosmos is a tensional mixture of light and shadows, of opposites, between which ones we find the male and the female.

From the previous, the most important thing is to highlight that “between” which unites both opposites terms and through which flows a common energy, revealing them as one and the same thing. That energy is what we called Eros. So we need to learn to excite us each other, as a different parts of the same stream. If that flow is represented as a fire, then we are flames that burs and dances together around an unattainable and fierce Center.

In a privileged way, the sexual act disclose that center of fire, into which we rushed till disappear on its deeps. That center lays represented by the orgasm, a fierce explosion of energy that transform us as the life itself transforms the surroundings at every single second. The orgasm of life is what we usually divide into a basic dicotomy: life and death. In consequense, both are the same thing that simply acquires different faces according to our perspective. That way, we die with the orgasm, when we finish and not only because our fragments can to seed a new living thing, but because we reborn. The orgasm is an infinitesimal instant of transformation.

We can to be romantics or not, we could establish a long term or a casual relation, the important thing is the way we see each other, and the way we prepare us for that sacred ritual of pleasure. The final consequense is to reach a more akin society with nature and the glimpse of a world where the fear no rules anymore. A world where we learn to love the searchings, not the respondings.

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