Sexuality and Ritual

Sexuality must to be ritual. The woman is not a masturbatory receptacle, nor man is a dildo. When human being just want to lay with someone and finish to feel fine, the greatest pleasure of that temple that is the human body is lost. That’s why for us, the copula is a ritual that begins and finishes whit the erotic condition of that temple. The sexual act begins with cleaning and maintaining the body, making growing, developing the muscles and, in one word, making it attractive for the ritual of pleasure. This last one, includes the proper dress through which, we seduce and seed the attraction, either of the own couple or the others.

In addition, at the center of every ritual celebration lays the fire and, for the Erotic Witchcraft, you must to imagine that each member of the couple have a part of that fire. This way your couple must to be, more than your partner, your accomplice. Both of you must to maintain the fire together and in that fire, the couple becomes a single unity. In that fire, finds its basis the entire social complex. So, enjoy you woman or man, consiste in trying to provide what she or he needs to maintain its fire burning. May be he or she needs a third part, or flirting, or to use some accessories. There’s nothing twisted on that, just remember: there are no ritual without accessories.

The third and most important part of the ritual is the mystery. If you don’t safeguard the mystery of your couple, there is no ritual possible. So, even in your own life, the critical point is to protect the own mystery and that of the couple of yours. That means two essential things: 1) That person is not our property, to penetrate or to be penetrated is to reach a ritual ecstasy in which there is something that we give, something that it is taken and something that escapes from us; 2) Not always you need to come or finish, to consume the ritual. You can reach the ecstasy from multiple ways so, imagine how to suck, how to kiss, how to penetrate to reach the highest ecstasy as possible.

Bum, Bum, Bum and it’s over, it’s like to piss in a temple or even worst, over the altar. Every celebration has its own times and rhythms, its soft moments and hard ones; pleasure and a little bit of pain. To know how to bite the neck or the nipples of your woman (or man), is like to taste his or her tongue, it’s as important as the penetration. How many times and how many ways you know of licking her or his thighs? How much time you invest biting his (or her) buttocks? Of how many ways you know to penetrate and be penetrated? Do you use music during the sexual act? Remember, for catholics, the communion is the center of the celebration, but that means nothin’ when you don’t believe in God. Well, for us, the penetration is the comm-union and there’s no ecstasy if you don’t believe in the sacred life that flows through the veins of your man or woman. There is no sacred ecstasy, no matter you receive the communion.

For the erotic witchcraft, sex is our ritual and the body is our temple.


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