Erotic Witchcraft

The most usual question we face is about the Erotic Witchcraft and of course, about Mantus et Mania. What is it? Are you satanists? Well, Satan, in an strict sense, follows the path of the Christian God. Only for Christians, Satan is the lord of demons. In another sense, however, if you like to call us satanists, well it’s ok. No matter because that’s what we are.

Let me explain my self, for Western monotheism, Satan represents every thing opposite to their dogma. Rigrosly, Satan is the adversary. Therefore what we mean and represent with that word, is all the previous gods and goddesses; all the ancient believes; a different sense of feminity and masculinity; the power of nature and the unconscious, a dark side that links us with the rest of the living and material creatures; not only the animality but also the vital force always creative and destructive for equal.

Satan for us, is the untamable shadow that lies hide beyond the shiny faces of all things. In that way, we are satanist. For me and Mania, satanism is erotism and means, a reconciliation with the entire nature that lies in our own body.

The soul is pure flesh and blood, with no other kingdom or realm beyond that. It is pain and suffering but also pleasure. In our body lies all the power and forces that create everything around us. The bad news is: that force does not lie under our control. At final, you can swim with it or agains it, but the certain thing is: that mighty river will never stop. What your will find at the end of your life, is the same flow once and once again, under the most different faces; an orgiastic and endless festival of masks and shadows.

You have the choice: to sail following the flow of the river or agains it. Oh sure, and the Erotic Witchcraft? Well if you want to learn about it, you’ll need to wait ’till the next time. Meanwhile I can give you a key: grow, grow inside and outside like one and the same power. The erotic witchcraft is not a lonely or individual act, instead of that, the erotic witchcraft affirms the couple; even better: a circle of shadows. What so powerful can get to be? That will depend of the couple, of the copula. Power is not individual but collective. It is subject of Mantus and Mania.


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