Luna de Sangre


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Into this carnival called life, the three of the morning marks the road end. All the masks falls down and Death arises upon the Limit. Love is bright but the desire becomes the deep thread that ties all bodies together.

What if I was the only one with these thoughts? Such a great honor! One last, old and small match whose light is gradually extinguished in the absolute darkness. But I don’t think so. In fact, it is said that several, great thinkers had similar thoughts. I don’t mention them to not cheaper them. In any case, this is the question: Can this match I am, to still generate a great fire into the woods?

Time, the time is the blood that runs out daily, flowing from one thing into another. The same river of a lonely body; a uni-verse. Piece of poetry, rising from a deep nonsense darkness. A dark pendulum of desire, twist of death that opened the abyss. “Am I onto to heaven or hell?”, I asked, meantime fell and heard a whisper of silence: “As above to below”.

Then the orgasm of your bloody moon consumed my flesh. The founding erotic principe for man was revealed to me: you do not finish inside. Swallow her soul! Suck her soul through your penis and let her scream show you the purest darkness. Cave! Cave into the body, looking for her soul.

That’s the way i dream last night with you, over my body; sucking my blood through the penis. Without a Daddy on heaven watching us, you offered your breasts to the skies and made the stars fell.

Now my bloody moon, shake your hips and let me put my own heaven on you. Move, move on me as an onyx pendulum. Nipples of white pearl, let it drop over my mouth and press over my waist. Let’s move on, witch. Always as a lonely flame that illuminates the night. Full moon os sex and passion. Full moon of bloody red.



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